When decorating, the installation of stainless steel press fittings is relatively troublesome, because not only the beauty must be considered, but also the convenience of future use and maintenance. In order for users to follow their own requirements in the future, what are the wiring rules?

Design positioning

The routing of stainless steel press fittings should be based on the actual use of the kitchen and bathroom, and reasonably determine the location of various water points such as valves, faucets, showers, angle valves and pipeline directions, and draw lines to locate.

Correct grooving

The depth of the wall and the trench should ensure that the concealed pipe is in the wall or ground. The thickness of the cement mortar should meet the construction requirements of the water pipe in the concealed groove, and the water pipe should not be higher than the wall. The shorter the route, the better, and the fewer elbows, the better. 45°elbows can be used instead of 90-degree elbows. If you can walk in parallel, try not to use bridge bends. Press fittings must be routed at the top to facilitate future maintenance and avoid damage to the waterproof layer

Pipeline quality

The hot-melting process of stainless steel press fitting does not require the number of underground pipe joints. Because they are integrated, there are quite a lot of underground pipe joints. One or two more joints are the same probability. The key to the problem is the specification of the joint process, In addition, the quality of the water pipes must meet the standards.

Convenient and beautiful

The discharge of the waterway concealed valve should consider the convenience and beauty of the valve switch .The location of the concealed valve should be based on the owner’s usage habits, combined with the cabinet drawings, and avoid the corners of the cabinet. When arranging hot and cold water pipes, pay special attention to the hot top and the cold bottom, the left hot and the right cold.

The above content introduces the routing rules of stainless press fittings from design positioning, correct slotting, pipe quality and convenience and beauty. However, when designing, you should still consider how to arrange the water-related items in your home, and you should negotiate with the designer and construction master to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

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