The origin of press fittings can be traced back to 1950s. Over the past around 70 years, 5 different materials have gradually been applied to the production. Including stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, cooper-nickel alloy and galvanized steel. Different materials, different applications. And now, let’s analyze the five different material press fittings.

Stainless steel press fittings

SS press fittings is main applied to potable water system. 316L stainless steel press fitting is popular in Europe, Australia and North America. But 304 stainless steel press fitting is more popular in Asia and South America. Stainless steel has been used widely in developed countries due to it’s health and safety. Such as hospital, school, hotel and so on.

Main brands include Mapress from Geberit, Inoxpres from Raccorderie Metalliche, GDPRESS from Grande-Tek V-profil from Viega and ISOTUBI. GDPRESS is approved by DVGW / WRAS / WaterMark / VA / OVGW / SVGW. The main products included stainless steel press fittings Coupling, Elbow, Bridge, Tee etc.

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Copper press fittings

Copper press fitting can be used for a variety of applications including potable water, heating, gas, cooling&refrigeration, industry, offshore, solar system and saturated steam. But it is only used widely in developed countries due to the high cost. Geberit, Eurotubi, VSH and Chibro are the main manufacturers.

Carbon steel and galvanized steel press fittings

Carbon steel and galvanized steel press fittings are main applied to these area that do not require stainless steel. Includes oil and diesel lines, compressed air and inert gas systems, closed-circuit heating and cooling water systems, closed-circuit sprinkler systems. Carbon steel and galvanized steel press fittings can be used widely due to the lower cost. Raccorderie Metalliche, Geberit, Eurotubi, SANHA are main manufacturers.

Copper-nickel alloy press fittings

Copper-nickel alloy press fitting is applied to ship building industry due to it’s good corrosion resistance. It is made of copper/nickel 90/10 CuNi10Fe1.6Mn alloy. Max working pressure 16 bar. Main manufacturer includes Geberit, Chibro, Eurotubi, Viega, Raccorderie Metalliche and so on.